Return Man 4

returnman4Return Man 4 – Linebacker is the most recent version of the game developed by ESPN. There are a lot of changes that were made to the original version of the game and I am going to tell you about it. As you remember, in Return Man 3 you had to play as a returner – a player who must catch the ball and score a touchdown. In return man 4 your mission is opposite – you are playing as the last line of defense which has to catch the returner. If you can’t manage to change the player with the ball, you will lose the game. Even though the task is really difficult, I am sure you will complete it. The controls of the game are the same. Also keep in mind that as you progress in the game, the number of attack players increases. Use special moves which you will unlock to stop the attack players. Have some fun with the Return Man 4 game at ReturnMan3.Me