Return Man 3 Game

ReturnMan3Return Man 3 is the legendary game about American football developed by ESPN. Lot’s of people play return man 3 as well as other versions of this game all over the world and enjoy the great graphics and awesome gameplay of the game. In fact, the mission of the player is rather simple : To catch the ball and run through all the field, get rid of the defenders and score a touchdown. If you manage to reach the finish line with the ball, you win the round. Remember that the enemy defenders are waiting for you and will try to stop you. Try to avoid them because if they catch you will have to start from the beginning. Make sure that you find about the game controls before you start playing.

[I] [J] [K] [L] – Use those buttons to run in different directions.
[A] [S] [D] buttons are used to activate special moves. You can read about them below. To catch the ball you should run towards the Yellow Circle to catch the pass and get the ball.





return-man-2Return Man 3 is the third version of the game. As you might noticed, there are other versions of the game available at our website too, you can enjoy them for free.  As you progress in the game, it’s becoming more and more difficult to pass the defenders and score a touchdown. In higher levels, you will face more than 10 defenders in each level and they will become more stronger. Don’t be afraid, you must use special perks that can make your player faster. For example if you get the icon with lightning your player will become faster.

During the game, you are unlocking new stuff. The most interesting thing that you will get is ability to use special moves. Those special moves may help you to avoid being hit by defenders. There are 3 special moves in the game, and you will unlock them during the game.

Return Man 3 is so popular that there are a lot of remakes available. For example, you can play the Return Man Zombie Edition, where you play against zombies. Anyway, I am sure that our website ReturnMan3.Me will provide you outstanding experience and make your lifetime more interesting.